Industry sectors


As for the big company of note is the extensive experience ATgrup consultants in the fields of Health, Insurance, Financial and Mutual of Accidents and Occupational Diseases Social Security.
Note also the work carried out in the public sector, such as universities, municipalities, county councils and public company and / or owned.

The services offered to customers such as a differentiator with the creation of a so-called "OFFICE LOPD" administrative bodies has proven to be a key element in our business model.

In a first phase, the office is coordinated and supported directly by our consultants, until the elements that comprise the knowledge to take their own internal management and understand the use and management tools provided by ATgrup.

Once these have been attained, technology transfer to the client, enters Phase II, where the customer is who manages their own impact at a high rate, leaving the consultant or atypical those unique elements that require advanced expertise.

That model brings great benefits to business customers, and that knowledge is effectively transferred (through courses, training in company, etc), and once acquired, remains within the company, with a consequent fall in consumption of hours consultant, and therefore the bill to pay.


Atgrup has designed a unique package of high quality and any company that size or capacity is unable or unwilling to consider a stable administrative structure to manage the solutions for data protection proposals.

Using Web tools and direct support of top level consultants and SME customer experience can be your solution to any problem in data protection, electronic signature, billing data transmission, or electronic commerce at a competitive price. In this sense, simplicity and apliacabilidad, also has designed solutions for the healthcare environment for both freelance and for the small medical society.


From ATgrup, we understand that the right selection of our collaborators and partners is one of our fundamental work and that is the key to sustainable business growth and without fluctuations.

To this end, we have established several lines of cooperation with companies and prestigious professionals, which has characterized the human and technical qualification to any economical premise.