About us

ATGRUP is a consulting pioneer in providing innovative and creative solutions to the problems posed by the law applied to new information technology and communication companies.

ATGRUP is a consulting firm specializing in the implementation of the Organic Law on Data Protection, advice on advanced electronic signature solutions and projects for Electronic Commerce and E-Administration.

Consultants, all with undergraduate and / or doctorate combine their profession with university teaching.

As an element connected to the project of ATGRUP is located BUFETE ORTEGA, professional law firm founded in Barcelona in 1977, currently the second generation holds the same direction.

Its function is to provide specialized legal support in matters or functions that include other branches of legal knowledge than the above (health Administrative Law, Commercial, Criminal, etc.).

Another industry is Presentadores.org a  trademark for the activity of communication and content management platforms for communication.

As for basic and advanced specialized training is important to emphasize the role of Dr. Salla Xavier Garcia, a professor at the "Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona", which directs, coordinates and conducts numerous training activities related to the world of the New Technologies of Information and Communication.

Finally, Evidentia, led by Dr. Jose Navarro, which is an independent brand but with close ties and synergies with other ATgrup, since its purpose is the digital research and expert opinions of forensic computer element.